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Obituary for Michael W. Bezanson

Michael passed away Monday morning at the age of 70 after many underlying health conditions that he battled with over the years.

He has left behind a partner and friend of 27 years and through that relationship he helped raise her three girls who over the years made him a grandfather. He has two grandson's and a granddaughter he loved dearly.

He also had two biological children and a few siblings.

Michael has always been known as a hard worker and someone always willing to help in any way he could.

He was a true New England Patriots fan and a lover of sci-fi movies, Metallica and Steven King books.

He was a blue jeans, plaid shirt kinda guy who always had tic tacs in his pocket.

Michael for many years was a chef at Spaghetti Eddy's , Twin Oaks and also The Grist Mill Tavern in Seekonk. After many years of being a chef he then made a career change and for many years he was a caregiver for disabled adults.

Michael will be missed greatly mostly for his willingness through the years to simply help when he could.

His grandchildren were his pride and joy and what brought him much happiness and gave him purpose .

He will be missed dearly. R.I.P PEP